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PARENT TESTIMONIALS..... I would like to thank those parents who took the time to share their testimonials with us. Now I can share that information with those who may be unfamiliar with our program. It is very much appreciated and it has been a pleasure serving you and your child. Mrs. Z

Please take a moment to read what our parents are saying about their Kinder Kampus Prep experience!!!

I am beyond thrilled with KKPP. I researched and toured many preschools in the area and found KKPP to be very clean, thorough and well organized. The staff is so accommodating and welcoming. This was my first child off to school and both him and I were very nervous. He had a difficult time in the beginning with separation anxiety and all the staff way more than accommodating to make him feel comfortable and ease his fears. I have nothing but fabulous things to say about KKPP. Sincerely Liane Roberts

When finally deciding to admit our 4 year old son into a pre-K program, we visited a plethora of schools taking into consideration price, personnel, and locale. Among the ones we visited, Kinder Kampus Prep stood out as a clear winner, being what seemed to be the best place for our son to prepare for kindergarten. While some options were closer to home, some being less expensive, and some seeming to be very friendly, Kinder Kampus was the only one of the group that was truly a "PREPARATORY SCHOOL" Our son has learned a priceless amount in his short year at Kinder Kampus. He loves going to school, he loves his teacher(s) he loves his classmates, and he is 100% better prepared for his journey into kindergarten: it's the best decision we could have made. Well done Kinder Kampus, and thank your taking such good care of our son - You will be seeing our 2 year old son in a few short years!!

Telysa Garey and Kyle Graziul

Our twin four year old children benefited greatly from their experience at Kinder Kampus Preparatory Preschool. They had spent the previous year at another local preschool and KKPP has far exceeded our expectations of what preschool learning should be. We enjoyed hearing about the craft activities and the letter of the day. Staff and parent communication is excellent and I was afforded an opportunity to speak with the staff at any time. My children were always treated individually and were encouraged to express themselves in independently within the confines of a rule system. We feel that KKPP has furthered our children's learning beyond the criteria necessary for kindergarten admission. My children will always hold a special place in their heart for Miss B who encouraged patience, cooperation, self reliance and self determination. We are happy to express our views. Thank you for all you have done for our children. -Phillip and Stacey Godak

We would like to thank Kinder Kampus Prep for preparing both of our children for kindergarten. They had fun while gaining the academic and social skills they needed for kindergarten. Thank you. The Dench's

My daughter started at Kinder Kampus Prep only talking to myself, her father and sister. I was a stay at home mom for the first 3 years of her life and she wasn't really around any other people. Within the second week at Kinder Kampus Prep, she was starting conversations with random people and started making friends so easily. Within 2 months she was able to write her name and identify letters in the alphabet. She has been there about 7 months and can now count to 30, write certain letters and when we get home, write names and can copy what we have written down. I find Kinder Kampus a Blessing !! She has learned so much in just a little amount of time being there. Thank you so much Kinder Kampus, we love everything you have done for our daughters and the love, compassion and dedication ! Lillian Insinger, loves going to school and can't wait to learn more, visit with her friends and absolutely loves her teacher, Miss B : )

I really could not imagine a better place for my son to begin his education! Over the last two years, we have seen such an improvement in our son, socially and have KKPP to thank. The atmosphere of the school is filled with love, discipline, play and creativity. My son loves school and Kinder Kampus Prep has made the transition into full day Kindergarten a bit easier. As a parent, I could not have asked for a better first school experience for my child.

*After attending Kinder Kampus Prep for the past two years and having Mrs. Waitulavich as her teacher, our daughter Taylor is 100% prepared in every way for kindergarten. Every single staff member at KKPP i s highly qualified and very caring with the kids. I do not have one single regret after sending both of our daughters to this school. It is an education second to none.

-Jennifer and Michael Mercereau

*We are amazed at the progress that Emily has made in her first year at Kinder Kampus Prep. Academically, we feel that she is getting a solid foundation which is strengthened each week. Emotionally, we feel that she is in a caring, trusting environment that has helped her to develop many skills. We are more than pleased with Miss Troy. Her patience and loving ways are so appreciated! We look forward to next year!! -

Rich and Jessica Trichilo

PS... The Mother's Day Tea Party was such a wonderful event.

*Kinder Kampus Prep has been a blessing to me and my daughter. Mrs. Z's generosity and kindness has allowed my daughter to grow academically as well as socially. All the instructors at KKPP have displayed a loving and gentle commitment to the children there. I am extremely glad we chose Kinder Kampus Prep for our preschool. Now I can send my daughter off to kindergarten feeling confident that she will succeed because of her experience at KKPP.


I am very pleased with my son's experience at Kinder Kampus Prep this year. He loved going to school each day and grew in so many ways. Prior to this school year, I had very rarely left him in the care of anyone besides immediate family. But from Day 1, I felt comfortable leaving him, confident that he was in good hands. When we first visited Kinder Kampus Prep, my husband and I both felt that it was the place for my son to have his first formal educational experience. It was clean, bright, safe, welcoming and engaging. Looking back now, we know we made the right decision and plan on sending our daughter in a few years. Kinder Kampus Prep is a wonderful place and we are fortunate to have found it. Mrs. Mosher

*Caterina has been excited from day one to start school. But I never thought she would love it as much as she does! She has far surpassed what I expected her to learn in a pre - k class, and it is all thanks to you and your wonderful staff. Everyday she comes home from school excited to tell us what she has learned, the new friends she has made and often even asks why she can't stay on weekends too!!! She loves all of the staff and proudly tells everyone that she goes to Kinder Kampus Prep! She will certainly miss everyone as she continues her educational journey, but I'm confident she will be ready because she had the BEST to start her off in the right direction. Thank You for everything.

-The Ristagno Family.

*The different activities and celebrations are fun and keep the children interested. Clean and respectful environment. Well trusted. Communication with parents good. Many of the activities for the children are during the day which makes it difficult for the working moms to make.


*We were nervous about our daughter's first preschool experience. We are so happy we chose Kinder Kampus Prep. Mrs. Sweeney and the entire staff and faculty took such good care of her and provided her with a great first school experience. We look forward to next year. Thank You!

-The Dench's

*Kinder Kampus Prep as well as Miss Troy exceeded our expectations as a preschool/pre-k program. Our child was a very shy 3 year old when he started at KKPP. While attending he has grown emotionally, socially as well as academically. We know without a doubt that we made the right decision by sending him to KKPP and would not hesitate to recommend the program to others.

-Nicole and Dave Borusiewicz

Kinder Kampus Prep has truly been the best pre - kindergarten experience for which we could have ever hoped, and we recommend it without hesitation to anyone and everyone. When we initially visited, we were struck by the friendliness of the staff, the cleanliness of the entire facility, and the dedication of Mrs. Z. Since then our son, Brady, has been in Mrs. Sweeney's class (two days per week, then three) and he positively adores both her and Mrs. Keating. He comes home every school day telling us stories about his day and singing great songs. Mrs. Sweeney and Mrs. Keating are wonderful, and words cannot adequately convey our gratitude for everything they do. Something else very nice about KKPP is that all of the staff members know the students, and they all greet you with a smile or a friendly word every morning. It is evident that we are leaving our child somewhere safe and nurturing. Mrs. Z and the staff have created an unparalleled program, in which the academic standards are met in a fun and meaningful way, and where the social and emotional needs of the children are equally important. We love the structure of the day, with movement through the four classrooms and the subjects. Information is shared with the parents easily and regularly, through the bulletin board and white board, through the newsletter and notes home, and through contact with the teachers, who are always happy to help. The moment of Brady's graduation to kindergarten is bittersweet. He has loved every minute at Kinder Kampus Prep; he will miss the many friends he has made there and, of course, he will miss his teachers. We will too! Thank you for everything! Love, The Moylan Family.

I had already enrolled my daughter in another program. While attending the open house at Kinder Kampus Prep, as soon as I walked in the door, I immediately knew that this was where I wanted to send my daughter. I absolutely love the staff and program at KKPP and so does my daughter Morgan. -Michele Shuta

When we talked about my daughter (Carli) graduating from KKPP and moving on to kindergarten, she said, "I'm getting tears in my eyes, mommy" she said it "feels like home". Thank you KKPP, Chrissie Garzella

Our experience at Kinder Kampus Preparatory Preschool has been above and beyond what we ever expected in a preschool. Preschool is the time when the child makes the transition from home to society and our son not only made this leap, but he thrived. We would highly recommend this high quality program to all our friends. KKPP has been a wonderful place for my child to grow academically and socially. My child and I are greeted with smiles and kind words as we enter the building and I am confident that I am leaving my child in a safe place. The teachers are experts in their field, providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum. They provide a warm, caring environment in which growth can be nurtured. I could not have made a better preschool choice for my child, and I will continue to send my younger children here as well. Kinder Kampus Preparatory Preschool has exceeded all expectations, and we feel privileged to be a part of the Kinder Kampus Preparatory Preschool family. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Mills

Three years ago we felt like we would never find "the perfect fit" for our daughter, Madelyn. As most overprotective parents of first born children, this was the case for us..... Until we me the staff and toured the KKPP facility. We got in our car and said, "This is the place". KKPP has provided an extraordinary academic and social experience for our daughter. As we prepare to bid farewell to her preschool years, it is with both joy and sadness. Sad to see our "baby" growing up, yet much joy knowing that she will be entering kindergarten with a strong foundation. For caring and loving our "Maddie", We love you ! xo Kearyn and Jimmy Wynn.

Two years ago when my son turned three, I knew I would have to face the facts and send my baby to school. Having only one child, I guess you could say, I was particular in knowing he would be in good hands (as any parent would want) At the same time, I wanted him to grow academically and socially. I could tell you that Kinder Kampus Prep did just that for my child. They offer various curriculum while practicing respect and manners. My son has really grown in his two years and is well prepared for kindergarten. His teacher, Miss Troy, quickly learned of his strengths and weaknesses and accommodated him to help him grow. I am grateful to Kinder Kampus Prep and the wonderful staff that made my son's beginning a wonderful experience. Sincerely, Diane Angeli

It's amazing how much my son Antonio has learned in such a short period of time!! I can't even believe some of the things he says and does. I will ask him, "Where did you learn that"? and he says, "Kinder Kampus"! He loves going to school. -F

KKPP is an amazing preschool. Their program is above and beyond what we could have asked for or expected. The education, structure, care, compassion our daughter has experienced here is exceptional. There was not one day my daughter did not look forward to attending KKPP in her 2 years here. We highly recommend KKPP to anyone looking for a preschool. Tara and Dave Grossi

Kinder Kampus Prep has been a wonderful experience for my son. The teachers and staff are the best. They go above and beyond to care for the children. I would recommend Kinder Kampus to anyone looking for an exceptional learning experience for their child. This school is structured, fun, caring and spotless!!! -Bianchi Family

Our experience wit Kinder Kampus Preparatory Preschool has been fantastic. My kids were enrolled in other programs and cried everyday that I dropped them off. My daughter began KKP and from her first day, there have been no tears. Her teachers made her feel comfortable from the first day. She looks forward to going to school everyday. This school has provided an extraordinary academic and social experience for our daughter. We are so pleased with the program that we enrolled her for another year and also enrolled our son who will be three this summer. Sincerely, Danielle Call.

We absolutely love Kinder Kampus Prep school. The staff is always so kind, gentle and helpful. Mrs. Sweeney is delightful; always surrounding the children with song. Mrs Keating is a constant help, both in the classroom and in the front office. My daughter enjoys outside on the child friendly playground surrounded by a natural setting of grass and trees. Kinder Kampus Prep is unlike any preschool we've ever visited. It is always spotless. The teachers are true educators with patience. Mrs. Z always keeps the day and weeks interesting with fun and educational activities for the children and parents. I am so grateful that there is such a professional, clean and exciting environment for my child to learn and grow and that I can trust my child with. -B

I cannot begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for all you have done for us. You know how hard it is for a mom to leave her kids but you have made this transition so easy from day 1... Now here we are 2 years later and I could not have asked for anything other than what you have created at Kinder Kampus Prep. You and your vision for our kids has provided a loving, caring, educational environment that has exceeded our expectations. I can not thank you enough for the foundation my kids will begin their school years with, along with all the personal support you have given. You will never be forgotten. We love you.. -The Czaja's

Kinder Kampus Prep has done wonders for my son, Colten, both educationally and socially. He's attended KKPP for two school years and in that time he has made many friendships. KKPP is truly the best pre k program around. All the teachers are wonderful at what they do. Colten has had the pleasure of being in Miss Troy's class where he has learned to read along with improving his math and writing skills. One of my favorite things about KKPP is that the students are not in the same classroom all day; they change rooms for different subjects. KKPP also has special days such as fairytale day, farmer day, etc. Each class involves the students in many arts and crafts projects. It's nice to see a pre k program that is so much like an elementary school where the main focus is education. I feel that Kinder Kampus Prep has made Colten very well prepared for Kindergarten. The KKPP family is an excellent school with wonderful staff who really care about all of their students! Lisa Perna

It is difficult to write this without sounding like I'm bragging, but I'll try. My daughter Lauren attended KKPP for 2 years before entering kindergarten. Although we had worked with Lauren academically prior to preschool, we feel very strongly that Kinder Kampus Prep has given Lauren the ability to stay very far ahead in Kindergarten. Currently she is reading on an advanced level and can easily do first grade work. Her teacher also reports that she easily handles the demands and structure that kindergarten requires. Our younger daughter Taylor is in her first year at KKPP and can easily do the work required. She thrives in the structured setting and absolutely loves her teacher and assistant teachers. She adjusted easily to the full days and I feel strongly she too will excel academically both next year and upon entering kindergarten. I cannot say enough about the opportunities Kinder Kampus Prep has afforded my children. It has opened doors for them academically and emotionally that I think would be impossible to find elsewhere. -Jennifer and Michael Mercereau

Kinder Kampus Prep is a wonderful learning center. The teachers are friendly and caring towards my child and of my concerns as a parent. My child has learned so much academically and socially, at KKPP. On of the things I like about Kinder Kampus Prep is that weekly newsletters are sent home regarding what my child is learning. I am aware of what my child is working on and the newsletters enable me to work with my child at home as well. Kinder Kampus Prep is a well structured school with their curriculum and classroom transitions. Each room is designed for specific subjects within the curriculum that enables my child to stay focused and keeps him interested in the topics he is learning. Thank you Kinder Kampus Prep teachers for the things you have taught my son Shawn. Sincerely, The Chorba's

Kinder Kampus Prep is the perfect place for any kids who need to have early childhood learning skills and a disciplined manner. Teaching staff have been so patient, enthusiastic, friendly, adaptable, reliable and capable of handling the kids with their particular needs. My son loves going to school because he enjoys the fun way of learning.

You have prepared Myha beyond kindergarten over the past 2 years. We appreciate all of the great experiences that you have giver Her and for you superb education. Save a slot for Macie in may 2013. We will miss you all. Myha has already said that she wants to be back at KKPP. Thank you and keep up the great work. -Love, The Kilmers

Our experience with Kinder Kampus Prep has been overall wonderful! Talin was very upset when his school closed and he had to switch schools but from the first day he was excited about the activities, friends and teachers! We as parents are extremely pleased with the academic system, teachers and environment with KKP. We thank you for teaching, guiding and most of all for caring for our son. Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. William Vitzakovitch.

We can't believe the time has come to say goodbye to our friends at KKPP and Gino's preschool years! It seems like just yesterday that we came in to tour the school. The moment we met you and saw your school we knew this was the place for us to enroll Gino. Not once during the last year and a half did we ever doubt our decision. Every moment has been a most positive experience for us, as parents, and for Gino, as a student. This moment is bitter sweet for us... we're excited for Gino to start Kindergarten but so sad that we have to leave our KKP family and friends. You can be sure that we will never forget your school and all the wonderful people there. You have made Kinder Kampus Prep into a comfortable, happy and safe place for our children. And I'm sure that every parent will agree that these qualities mean everything in choosing a preschool. We're so happy that Gino was part of your very first class at KKP and we're sure you will have many, many more successful years there. Thank you for taking such good care of Gino and for laying such a sturdy educational foundation for him. You and your staff are to be commended for the fantastic jobs all of you do. Needless to say, we think Mrs. Waitulavich is just wonderful and we feel very fortunate to have had her as Gino's teacher. Sincerely, -Brian and Kim Barone

We are so happy we chose KKPP. We would like to thank Kinder Kampus Prep for having such a wonderful academic program. Abigail learned so much from your school, sh is definitely ready for kindergarten thanks to her teachers. Thank you again for making Abigail's preschool experience a success. The Neary's

Just a note to thank you for running such a wonderful preschool! Colin enjoyed every minute that he was there and learned so much! Every morning was a pleasure bringing him as he was always excited to get there and get started. We are so sad the year is over but feel confident that Colin is prepared for Kindergarten!!!!! - Gary, Maureen and Colin Cotroneo

When it came time to search for a preschool for CJ we were dreading it. We looked at several different schools and they just didn't meet our needs. We went to an open house in 2009 and we were so pleased with all that Kinder Kampus Preparatory Preschool had to offer. The staff and faculty really cares about the kids and take the time to get to know them. CJ has learned so much since he's been going to KKPP. We just wanted to take the time to say Thank you. I know teaching is not easy and you have to have a lot of patients and for that I commend all of you. You are truly the ones who make a difference in a child's life. Thank you for preparing CJ for academic success. We will miss all of you!!! -The Muir Family

KKPP has proved to be a great educational and social experience for my daughter. Teachers are wonderful and caring. Curriculum is age appropriate and high interest. And the stories I hear everyday after school are priceless :) The hands on activities reach all learning styles, providing the opportunity to make "real life" connections. My daughter simply loves school and everyone @ KKPP. Our pet duck even had a sleepover at KKPP. : ) -Krishelle Keen

Thank you for providing such a great learning environment and program! Amelia has blossomed and learned so much since she came to Kinder Kampus Prep. You have great staff and I can see each day how committed each of you are to the kids!! We will miss you. - Maura Maros

Bryce is so happy at KKPP! He loves Mrs. Sweeney and Mrs. Keating and especially loves the piano. I'm so happy he's having a positive first experience at preschool. With appreciation Brenda and Ed Sokoliski

I am very happy with our experience at Kinder Kampus Prep. I think it prepared my son for kindergarten academically and socially. In fact, my son has asked me several times if he could switch from three days per week to five days per week. We look forward to sending our daughter in the future. - Melissa Dench

We the Dragwa Family, are very happy we chose Kinder Kampus Prep as the introductory school for our son Aidan's long academic career. The faculty and staff are by far first class. With our son never being away from home at the start of the school year, Kinder Kampus Prep through being so welcoming was a place he felt at ease and had a lot of fun while learning. Thank you for making our son's year a success.

My daughter started at Kinder Kampus Prep in late February. Everyday she comes home telling her family what she learned. Her enthusiasm for learning is because of KKP. They keep the students challenged and engaged. She is never bored!!! -A

Kinder Kampus Prep is a wonderful preschool. My daughter looks forward to going to school everyday and she is enthusiastic about learning. She especially lover her music classes with Mrs. Sweeney. For Christmas, the first thing on her list was "A piano just like the one Mrs. Sweeney has". She also asked for cymbals and a violin. She has learned so much this past year.

KKPP shows great individual attention to each student. The teachers are wonderful and really make it fun for the students to go to school.

Very clean facility. Teachers are great with the children. Janine Colachino

My son Travis is 100% ready for kindergarten due to the amazing staff and wonderful curriculum you follow at KKP. I am so proud of him and everything he has learned from attending your school. I am so happy we chose to send him to KKP. You guys truly are the best. Thank you for everything !!!! We will miss you all next year! Love and Thanks, The Sharples Family

Michael has made lots of friends and enjoys going to school everyday. He especially liked hatching the baby chicks.


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